Once Upon a Year Ago!

Looking back on the Once Upon a Real life blog post I wrote in November 2021, I cannot believe 1. How quickly time passes, and 2. How much has changed in just over a year.

This time last year we were planning our new beginning, after suffering the loss of four close family members, our “secure” income ceasing, it would have been easy to give up. But in all honesty, that would have been much harder long-term and maybe it was that realisation that pushed us to open the tattoo shop my husband and I now run in our local town. My husband would say it is the birthchild of grief, and he is right.We took all our pain, all our fear and worry and channeled it into something positive for our family.

Not only has it helped us financially begin to get back on track and find a way to build the future we have always wanted for our family, it was the positive injection our house needed. All of our children helped in some way or another to get the shop ready and it was lovely to see how excited they were for this new adventure. I think it really has helped to show them that life is hard sometimes, really hard and it’s ok to fall apart as they witnessed us do…then you must pick yourself up and keep going, no matter how scary, or unforeseen it is, if you have good intentions, focus and a positive outlook, almost anything is possible.

We picked up the keys to our shop on 22.2.22, I’m pretty into the synchronicities of numbers and so this felt like a good omen from the start, we then opened the doors on the 21.3.22 and our expectations were conservative. We planned that we may not have a single paying customer for months, and just knew we had to trust the process. Week one, customers came, we made a small amount of money to go towards paying back what we invested, but it was more than we expected to earn. We then went into week two with the same expectation, reminding ourselves that we had not planned on having any customers for the first few months, so anyone that came through that door was a welcome bonus. And we doubled what we took in the first week! The momentum continued to rise and we are so grateful to have such wonderful people come into our little shop in the heart of a small town.

A year down the line, I am realising what we have known for the past 15+ years whilst we have been self employed – it will always be risky, but no more risky than leaving our life in the hands of someone else, which we had learnt. This time we were completely in control for the most part.

I admire my husband’s resillience, strength, confidence and aspiration to become whatever he wants to be. I continue to learn from him as he inspires not only me, but our children to chase after their dreams.