My Genie Delivered

So….confession….journalling daily didn’t happen as I got caught up in life and all it’s stuff as the 3 of the children’s birthday’s soon came round, followed by Christmas and a whole tirade of other excuses…in reality, I think I succumbed to the stress of the looming moving date. But if ever there was evidence that the universe, our own Genie and faith works it’s this most recent experience. I made a pact with myself that after seeing the incredible effortless results of my most recent manifestation that I would now fully surrender to the power of the universe and be guided by that force I trust in now more than ever.

So, lets take this back a moment and what has happened since my last post back in November 2023 (We are now in April 2024). We knew we had to leave our last property by Easter 2024 (31.3.2024), and also knew that logically had absoutley no credentials or money to easily sail into a property that would be anything in comparison to the last home we lived in for the last eight and a half years. I told myself I would put a pin in looking for a home until the New Year, this quickly changed to “well, I will just enjoy our last christmas in this house”, and come Boxing Day 2023 I was on Rightmove looking at houses. I saw the perfect one and booked a viewing for 2nd Jan 2024. The viewing day came around and I had learnt what an estate agent/landlord was looking for in a tenant application back in september after a horrible viewing left me deflated (whole other story for another post of the universe knocking something out of my path that wasn’t meant for me). We jumped effortlessly through the application process and long story short, we picked up the keys to our new home on 26.1.2024.

Looking back at my previous post I said in January, I wanted some concrete evidence that we would have a home by the lastest 25th March, well we moved in, in January! Thank you universe!

The house we are living in is better than we could have dreamed. I remember being so sad taking down the Christmas decorations in the old house as I couldn’t imagine not living there.

We had such a great time in that house. We grew a successful business in that house, I wrote and published my first book in that house, we spent lockdown there and our children grew into young adults there, we first bought our pooch home in that house. But, we also grieved a lot in that house. November 2020-September 2021 we lost four close family members which was the most difficult experience as a family we have had to endure. Our business fell to pieces due to Covid. So it also felt time for a fresh start, but letting go was difficult….until we got accepted for our new home which was beyond our wildest dreams! It ticked EVERYHTING on our list (an actual list I wrote down!) 5 Bedrooms, one or two extra reception rooms as well as a lounge, a kitchen/diner with an island, parking, a big enough garden for the kids and the animals, outbuildings. I am not writing this to boast! I am writing this to say that focus, faith and trust manifested this, I did very little! Everything should have gone against us logistically speaking, and yet here we are! I don’t get it, but I’m accepting it. A cliche situation of if I can do it, anyone can!!

The mind games I played with myself during the months between knowing we had to move to actually getting the keys were insane. I convinced myself we would be homeless and my lack of action would sure lead us into a dire state. I felt sick, scared, anxious most days as I desperately tried to convince myself all would be ok whilst not sure who or what I was really trusting in as I let go of control and trusted what was meant for me would find me. And find me it did.

Years of changing my mindset around money, worthiness, deliberate creation, positivity, outlook, mindfulness is undeniably paying off. It always has, but this step was too huge to deny that I really had the smallest part to play, my peeps (spirit team/universe) had my back!

So now I look to the future, still nervous that I could lose it all, but also still trying to work on my relationship with trust and faith.

Gratefully yours

B xx