Say YES!!

So, with the home secured (for a year at least) I look around me and think how can I continue to improve my life?

Currently I manage our Tattoo Studio, which, don’t get me wrong is a breeze and enjoyable…however, I don’t actually earn my own money. My incredibly talented husband has used his artistic gifts to create a wonderful portfolio of incredible works that brings in a decent wage for our family, however, I have never wanted to be a “kept” woman.

Interestingly, one yes appears to have changed my entire trajectory…let me explain…a few weeks ago I was sat talking to my eldest son. He is incredibly wise and has always been an “old soul”, we were talking about my lack of confidence, and he described things I had done that would have been life changing to some people and encouraged me to get back to doing what I enjoy…tarot readings and life coaching. I had paid thousands of pounds to do an amazing life coaching course, and yet, since I passed my final exam, I had done nothing with it and instead focused my energy back on my husband’s dream job as a way of procrastinating. After talking with my son, I messaged everyone who had reached out for a reading in the few months previously and booked them in.

The next thing I did was remove myself from a toxic one-way relationship after having been put in an unfair and incredibly awkward position by two people who are so in their own narrow-minded selves, they cannot accept their part to play in any past pain. Instead of confronting this, I have removed myself and these two actions (saying yes to my own desires and removing a dutiful yet toxic relationship from my life) literally changed my focus. The next day I was invited to be a plus one at an event in London, to which I could only say YES, on this winning life streak, and now it looks like it could be a great turning point for my personal career!

So, say YES. If it makes you nervous, it’s likely to be worth it!

Gratefully yours

B x