The Genie and The Lamp

In my book Once Upon A Real Life I discuss a character that I believe to be incredibly important in everyone’s life…The Genie and The Lamp.

Everyone’s relationship with this character will be unique and I have decided to share my journey with this character for something I am navigating to see how this character does (or doesn’t) show up for me in ways I would like. I’m not going to bore anyone with how I got to the belief system I have right now, and I am fully aware many will disagree with my beliefs, but it is these very beliefs that have kept me going after many challenges and that make me feel safe and comfortable in my reality.

Why am I sharing this phase of my journey with this character? Because right now I am counting on them to show up in ways I cannot even make sense of myself right now and I feel like sharing the apprehension, the faith, the fear, the signs may help distract me from the stark reality that I cannot see a solution as of yet, but am living by the motto “I don’t have to see the solution, to know that it is there”.

A quick run down of this character for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, can be found on this podcast episode: The Genie and The Lamp

I am going to journal my fears, how I overcome those fears in this part of my journey and how my faith serves me as I navigate this path. This is going to be humbling as I honestly open up about the truth of my situation, my actions (and excuses) that have led to this point and how the only thing I have is blind faith to hope this can and will work out.

I have beaten about the bush long enough…the truth is, we have four months left in the home we have been happily living in for the past 8 years. Our wonderful friends (and landlords) that kindly rented their beautiful 5 bedroom, 3 storey house out to us while they lived abroad are coming home, which is amazing as we have missed them, but in equal measure daunting as we look for a house with no credentials/money/plan a,b or c.

Let me take it back a minute….my husband and I had savings, those savings dwindled when COVID struck, and our previous income stopped. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I’m sure we could have rebuilt that money, but we learnt a harsh lesson in 2020-21 when we lost 4 close family members and decided to live each day the best way possible….(I said hindsight is a wonderful thing)….however during this grief, we were able to build something entirely new, something that has been incredibly successful in ways we couldn’t have predicted, so new in fact that it gives us zero references/credentials when it comes to renting another house. So, here it is, laid bare….we have no money for a 6 month up front deposit to counteract the fact we won’t pass referencing, and whilst we are registered on the local housing register as a back up, finding a house that we are able to apply for isn’t happening either….enter the Genie and The Lamp!

I have nothing to go by other than the fact that we are hopeful. I do use the reference Genie literally and when I think about it I remember something I once heard the great, late Delores Cannon say “Money and material possessions are the easiest thing to manifest” and it resonates with all the stories we ever hear about genies….they always say they cannot make people fall in love, this I understand, control over another persons feelings goes against the law of free will provided by the lamp. They cannot bring people back from the dead…another law by the lamp. But they can make their owner wealthy in material ways. I am channeling my inner rich b!tch in order to bring that shizzle to fruition. I am working hard to be consistent in what I enjoy doing to align with the feeling of joy everyday. I am trusting the process (and hoping it knows I am), and I am walking in faith with my intuition to guide me…and now I am sharing the highs and lows of that journey.

We have until Easter to find a new home, so I have given my ‘Genie” the date of 25th March to complete on whatever house it is whether it’s rented,  bought, won, given or however it is going to manifest for us that is the date we must move. I have also said that in January I want to see concrete evidence of movement that can reassure me. I have decided that finding a 3 bed that the 6 of us would be squashed into, is just as impossible due to our lack of credentials as my dream home, so I am aiming big and seeing where we land. I have told myself I will not pursue anything until the New Year, however, that in itself sometimes causes me anxiety and is part of the reason I have decided to journal here to share the ups and downs, how I navigate fear, what works and what doesn’t, in the hope it helps distract me from worry and stress and keeps me focused and grounded in faith. Do I get intuitive nudges to act and what happens when I ignore them or act on them… for a penny, in for a house….wish me luck!