Previous Evidence

One thing I have found is helping me everyday to continue having faith that the universe does in fact have my back, is to look for times in the past when serendipitously, without any planning on my part at all, something magical has taken place that changes the course of my life for the better…the main example of this kind of evidence for me are the following;

  • Having my children
  • Meeting my husband
  • Moving into the house we are currently living in

let me explain….

Growing up I never thought about having children, that was my sister’s big dream. I had other plans that saved me the vulnerability of becoming a mum and worrying for the rest of my life about anyone else….life had other plans for me. And thank god! My life has been better than I could ever have imagined since the day I became a mum in 2003! I have learnt so much about life, love and myself on this journey over the last 20 years (as I write this 22.11.2023, it is almost 20 years to the day since I gave birth for the first time to my baby girl on 29.11.2003). Whilst it has made me vulnerable in ways I couldn’t imagine and my younger self would never have wanted, it is that vulnerability that has made me a more compassionate, empathetic, loving, kind person than I was before becoming a mum. Now I am not saying in order to become those things you have to have children, many people are born with those traits – I just wasn’t. I was selfish, I only cared for my own well-being, and at the point of my life just before I fell pregnant I was at an all time low and genuinely hoped I wouldn’t be around much longer after a number of traumatic situations had taken me down a dark path. Now, in contrast to my past self, I care about the global community, I am aware of the power of my words to young, impressionable ears, I am sharing my soul in ways I never thought possible. So becoming a mum was a gift from the universe to teach me compassion, love, vulnerability and how amazing life can be.

Meeting my wonderful husband was another thing my younger self wouldn’t have imagined. I always ended up wanting the bad guy. I was drawn to someone who could continue making me feel inadequate, useless and weak….but when I fell pregnant with my daughter I knew I had to teach her the opposite and show her what a happy family could be and so she could grow up knowing she deserved better…then my husband literally walked through my front door one Saturday evening and rescued us…the rest is history wrapped up in a happy ever after, with a good guy who has been my ally, my cheerleader, my best friend, my ride or die since 2004.

In 2015, my husband and I had just got married, in a beautiful big white Christmas wedding in December 2014, witnessed by the four children I never knew I needed but that completed me 100%…come January 2015 the six of us were becoming squashed in our 3 bed house. It became my focus to look at moving as soon as we could. We didn’t have to for any other reason than feeling overcrowded. I was stressed and letting my husband know it in my usual diva way….anyway, a few weeks went by (it could have been longer but I cannot remember it accurately) and I am dropping my eldest son off to a play date at his friends. I get chatting to the mum and she said they had just had a job offer abroad and as I congratulated her she said “yes, but we have also just completed on a house move!” I asked her how many bedrooms after she said they would have to look at renting it out, assuming it would be 3 or maybe 4 as they are a family of 4 and she replied “it’s a 5 bed”….”I’ll take it!” I instantly replied! I didn’t see the house until a few of weeks prior to moving in, but I knew we wanted it. And it is this house that we made our home for the past 8 years.

So, all of these situations, I couldn’t possibly have envisioned for myself, and they effortlessly transpired to improve my life when I needed it. This is how I keep the faith, trusting the universe to have my back this time as it has before. One of the difficulties I feel with this situation, unlike the others (I guess most specifically the house move because of similar nature) is that I have fallen in love with this house and don’t want to leave. However, I am trusting the universe has better plans for this next chapter and is going to amaze me as it has so many times before. I could never have envisioned this beautiful house in our story 20 years ago when I lived in a tiny two bed council house (which was perfectly adequate for our needs at the time), but here I am…living the dream not even I could have envisioned.

Whilst I am thinking about it, another more bizarre twist of fate happened a couple of years ago….I got a part time job as an admin assistant, which if you knew me well, you would know does not suit my personality…not the admin side of it, the employed side of it. Having my time tied to something set in stone doesn’t suit my erratic personality. I hate feeling controlled in anyway and this to me is a form of control (weird I know but so many aspects of my past make up the unique recipe that is me). I did this job for a very short time and just as I was planning to leave, my sister in law unexpectedly passed away. After my father in law and mother in law had died just months previously, I knew I needed to be at home with my husband focusing again on our business we had built over a decade but had suffered since COVID….fast forward and when we called it a day on our businesses and needed a new plan, I realised working a “normal” job was not an option after only having trialled this months previously…so what now?…Now we build something totally new! Another bizarre plot twist was that whilst we were devastated initially to lose our business, we had been asking the universe for more income, but we kept being met with roadblocks in that business, so the universe appeared to say “in order to earn more, you need to change things up, this is not the road to prosperity”. So whilst it felt like we were being punished, we were in fact being blessed with this career change and the possibilities ahead of us are endless after embarking on our new venture on an incredible perfect date of 22.2.22

So come on universe….surprise me in wonderful, magical ways again as you always do…I’m excited to see your magnificence