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Dear Diary – 8th entry

Say YES!! So, with the home secured (for a year at least) I look around me and think how can I continue to improve my life? Currently I manage our Tattoo Studio, which, don't get [...]

Dear Diary – 7th entry

My Genie Delivered So....confession....journalling daily didn't happen as I got caught up in life and all it's stuff as the 3 of the children's birthday's soon came round, followed by Christmas and a whole tirade [...]

Dear diary – 6th entry

Previous Evidence One thing I have found is helping me everyday to continue having faith that the universe does in fact have my back, is to look for times in the past when serendipitously, without [...]

Dear diary – 5th entry

The Genie and The Lamp In my book Once Upon A Real Life I discuss a character that I believe to be incredibly important in everyone's life…The Genie and The Lamp. Everyone’s relationship with this [...]

Dear Diary, Day 4 (and 5,6 and 7)

Dear Diary, In usual summer fashion the days have flown by, and I have been blessed with some lovely family time which is a good excuse as any as to why I haven't journalled for [...]

Dear Diary, Day 3

Dear Diary, Pretty pooped today! We had a late night a couple of nights ago and it would appear my aging body cannot cope with it anymore! So today has been filled with food's I [...]

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