When you spend a lot of time not loving yourself, it’s easy to think real love is a myth. But when you begin to look at all the love around you, you find it without trying

Happy Ever After All

When I was just a little girl, this is what I thought
You must be kind and you must be nice, and love had to be sought
I thought I knew a lot back then, but now I’m not so sure
Heartbreaks last a lifetime, for that there is no cure
But then you start a whole new life, when you find somebody new
And you may begin to wonder, where’s the older you?
The one that had their heart torn out, who couldn’t see an end
Surely there’s no way, for that broken heart to mend
Then I began to realise, love isn’t simply found
It’s everywhere if you just take, the time to look around
I found it in my partners eyes, I found it in his smile
I found it in the sky at night, in woods that run for miles
I found it in my children’s heartbeat, I found it in their laughter
When you start to look for it, you find your happy ever after