No one else can bring it to you,
Happiness is homemade,
Someone can serve you lemons,
But you must make lemonade.

People come and go in life
Some stick around for longer,
But in the end your soul must learn
To make its own happy ever after

But you are here for great things,
Of that I am quite sure.
You came here for a reason,
A purpose that is pure.

Only you can journey through your life,
So only you will find the answer
The ups and downs, the heartache
Are not there to make you harder.

They come to make you strong,
And they come to soften up your soul
Be kind to yourself when you’re hurting,
Keep your eyes on the long term goal.

Remember you have a purpose,
Remember who you are,
A roadmap can show you direction
But you’re the driver of the car

Ease over all the road bumps
Navigate around the blocks,
Until you align with your path again,
That’s when clarity unlocks

Stay true to who are,
No matter if you stray,
One day you will come back to centre
Is today that day?

Your Happiness is in your hands
Your and yours alone
No one else can own it
Make it your own home

Cover it with butterflies
That fly across the room
Paint a wall with rainbows
Another with 5 moons

Ignore the rainbow haters,
And all the butterfly trolls
They’re still to find their happiness
For which only they have the control

People will want to knock you down,
When they see you smiling .
Keep your head above the noise,
You will continue rising.