I wrote this after a really difficult couple of weeks health wise. I can be quick to complain about how bad I feel, yet forget to actually count the ways my body shows up for me every single day. It’s the only one I will get, and considering how I sometimes treat, it does an incredible job!

It could be worse

It’s more valuable than money,
But costs more than your life,
You only really notice it
When it doesn’t feel quite right

I took my life for granted,
My mind and body too
When I was growing up
I didn’t think it through

But how do I change perspective
Towards my aging bones
How do I turn it round now
My body doesn’t feel like home

Gratitude for what I have,
The things I can still do,
The very fact my brain can string
Together a word or two

My legs they can still carry me,
All the Places I want to go
My heart still beats in rhythm
When I’m at my favourite show

My eyes can see for miles,
My ears still hear most sounds
My face has all its features
A couple extra when I frown

The lines across my body
Tell the story of their own
They show its ever changing
And Every child that I have grown

My fingers still hold pencils
My tongue is still in tact
And when I wake each morning
I can still stretch out my back

My toes are still attached,
My lungs still have their air
My stomach still gets hungry
I still have a head of hair

So next time I am worried
I shall just recite this verse
Whenever I think my body’s failing
I’ll say that “it could be worse”