New year brings so much to the entire world, for one night we all try to be positive, or we vow to not be so naive to think the clock can change anything. Either way, it is a night that isn’t ignored, even by those desperately trying to. I have made resolutions, intentions, promises to do better, promises to not pay attention to the midnight clang of bells and explosion of fireworks, but whatever I do, I feel a sense of disappointment or sadness. A reminder of time that continues to be uncompensated if things didn’t go to plan or hearts were broken. This year, I just wrote…

New Year

A new year has arrived, it’s time to celebrate!
For one moment of 12 months, let’s forget about the hate
Let’s focus on enjoyment, intentions and new goals
Let’s feed our kidneys whiskey, wine, any alcohol

Let’s wake up feeling fresh, as January spins round
But if you are hungover – “start tomorrow” is a good sound
Why didn’t we start yesterday? The things we plan to do?
Who promised you’d be here next year – to see these goals come true

So yes you made it through “the toughest one to date”
But don’t test the universes power to deliver on a plate
All the things you don’t want in life, Can wind up at your door
If you don’t do things differently, than you did before