Once Upon A Real Life is not only my upcoming book baby(!) it’s also a real account of life. The ups, the downs, the dragons, the witches, the fairy godmothers, the townsfolk (when you read my book that will all make sense). In the meantime, this will be the place to go for a good moan, a virtual celebration, and tips to get through real life.

    I have had many roles in my fairytale so far; a daughter, a sister, a step daughter and step sister, a rebelious teenager, a party animal, an abused teenager, a heartbroken teenager, a drug user, an estate agent apprentice, a receptionist, a checkout assistant, a shelf stacker, a barmaid, a pregnant teenager, a domestic violence survivor, a fiancee, a mum of four, an aunt, an evil stepmum (to an awesome stepdaughter), a wife, a 30 year old.

    It was all of these many different roles that lead me to where I am now; A happily married mum of four (five) not-so-little children, life coach, a dream interpreter, and an author.

    I have always found solace in writing. Almost daily I write poems about feelings or thoughts I have and I often write fictional stories about challenges which is where my debut book was born. It is a non-fiction description of how I handled dealing with so many different characters in life and it helps the reader to do the same. This website has become a diary for me to share the words I write so they don’t stay stuck in my countless notebooks or the notes on my phone, I wanted to share it with people like an artist shares their work. 

    Real life has taught me a lot. Many times in the first 18 years it was a treacherous journey that appeared to be full of dark corners. But the times that hope shone light in the darkest of moments was when I found most strength. Life can be hard. REALLY hard.

    Right now my husband, children and I are navigating new territory as we grieve the loss of four close family members in the last 12 months, my eldest son recovers from an unexpected emergency operation and we are on the cusp of losing our “secure” income.

    Am I stressed? YES! Do I question if I am karmically cursed? Not every day. Do I know we will be ok? YES! Do I know how? No bloody clue! Am I scared? More than I ever have been.

    This year(2020-21) has felt like everything has been thrown at us (I almost forgot about the global pandemic we have had to navigate during this time!) but I also know that the only way has to be up.

    The biggest lesson I have learnt this year is that I am so fortunate. To feel this scared, means I have so much to be gratfeul for that I don’t want to lose. I didn’t feel like that when I tried to end my life at fourteen. The idea of living scared me more than losing anything.

    So whilst I clutch on to this house in Kansas(the rainy side of the UK actually), desperately hoping this storm won’t blow away the foundations I fought hard to build, join me in laughing at the everyday dramas we all have to experience at some point.

    I’m an avid dreamer, annoying optimist, and so far, I’m still waiting to be shocked by someone’s fairytale. So please, help an ugly stepsister out and send me your day to day dramas to distract me by filling in the contact form. Whilst I try to help you, maybe I can fix this possible karmic sh!t show I am currently, thoroughly, drowning in.