I wrote this poem when I was looking for a “signier sign”. I had asked the universe to send me something to give me hope or inspiration an I realised I was my own worst enemy in these situations, because just as a sign showed up, I needed another to confirm the first was actually a sign. Have you ever done this?

The Robin and The Ladybird

I’m searching for a robin,
Where no robin’s been before,
Yet I’d question it’s a sign,
If one showed up at my door.

I’m searching for the answers,
Without opening my eyes,
Then I wonder why,
I feel blind to all the signs.

I look a little harder,
I even turn a card,
To tell me where to find one,
Is it meant to be this hard?

So, I seek out a wise mentor,
To tell me what to do.
She didn’t help me much though,
Just said “Look inside of you”.

I went to ask the Doctor,
If he could fix my head,
He said “A pill won’t fix this,
Go meditate instead”.

Off I went to do this,
Find calm and sit and ponder,
But every time I tried,
My mind began to wonder…

It took me to the clouds,
Where I sat and watched the world,
I remembered all the ladybirds,
From when I was just a girl

“A ladybird will be your sign”,
A robin said to me.
So, off I went to find one,
Wherever it could be.

Soon I found a ladybird,
But not quite the right one,
You see it needed more spots,
When this one just had some.

I know exactly what I’m looking for,
It’s specific don’t you see!
“Keep an open mind my dear”,
The robin said to me.

I couldn’t be more open!!
I began to answer back.
Without a word it flew away
And I was back on track,

To find the perfect robin,
A ladybird with more spots,
I don’t understand why it’s so hard,
I’m not asking for a lot!

The robin and the ladybird,
Sat back and watched me try.
Then all they did was laugh at me,
As I began to cry.

Why can’t you just help me?
Instead of watch me struggle!
Help me find the pieces,
To get me through this puzzle.

They didn’t ask a question,
Or offer a solution,
They simply laughed some more,
As I made peace with a conclusion…

There’s no such thing as signs,
Spot-filled ladybirds,
I don’t believe in robins,
It’s all just so absurd!

To think I could have found them,
In all the places that I looked,
So, a psychiatrist I sought out,
An appointment was then booked!

I told her all my problems,
Said I knew I lost my mind!
She asked me lots of questions,
Then offered a therapy of kinds…

She said “What if the ladybird,
That came and spoke to me,
Was the ladybird I’d been looking for,
I was just too blind to see,

The robin that came and laughed,
Was the robin sent to say,
We were here all along you know,
And have been every day!”

Rebecca Galloway