I wrote this vulnerable rhyme at the hairdressers when I was trying to make peace with my past and how harshly I judged myself for things I did when I felt so lonely and lost. All of these things, I believe led me to where I am now and the person who helped me find my true self, not a version he wanted me to be, he simply accepts me flaws and all.

Over thinking

I gave myself away too easily, when I was just a teen,
But instead of judging, try to imagine where that lost soul must have been
I lost myself completely, was looking for a heart to call a home
But every empty romance, just left me on more alone.

It sounds cliche to say, but if I could turn back time
I wish I could have met you sooner, I wish I knew that you’d be mine
Maybe then I would have saved myself, or loved myself some more
So I didn’t feel so broken when you walked right through my door

Who knows where time will take us, I may lose myself again,
After all I didn’t see it coming when it happened way back then
But there is a difference in me now, all these decades later,
I’ve learnt to really love myself and not be my biggest hater.

I’ve realised I cannot change what others say or do,
I’ve also understood, how precious life is too.
I’m no longer scared of dying, like I always used to be,
But most of all I’ve lost the fear of living being me.

I like who I’ve become, despite what some may say,
After all, their opinions are not my business anyway.
Maybe they don’t hate me, like I have just assumed,
But even if they do, I can’t keep myself consumed
With all the pointless worry, about people I do not know,
Or whispers or the gossip, it’s time to let it go.

I wake up every morning, I try my best to be,
A version of myself that I’d prefer to see
Sometimes I’m impatient, Sometimes I nag too much,
Sometimes I am a hypocrite, I can be quick to judge

But no matter where my thoughts may take me, One thing I always know
Is wherever in the world you are, is where I want to go.