Don’t you just hate the night’s when you cannot get to sleep? You know you’re tired, you know you need to sleep, but your mind thinks of anything, everything you have ever done or not done in your entire life, along with some random things….this particular night, I decided to write…

Sleepless Night

Clocks seems louder
Heart beats faster
Of course! There goes the hamster!

Was that a spider?
That shadow looks wider!
I should have been kinder…

Thoughts of the day race through my head,
Why does this happen when I go to bed?!

The husband starts snoring, I try to ignore him
Headphones go in, Will it drown out the din?
Nope not a budge, so I give a gentle nudge
(This eventually becomes a bloody great huff!)
I check the time,
He offers to go downstairs, but I’m already there…

I lay awake and hope I will drift off soon
P.S we need thicker blinds I can see the whole of the moon!

The clocks ticking louder then ever before
Through the floorboards I can still hear the snore

My heart starts to race and panic sets in
Will I ever get to sleep what a night this has been!
There’s the hamster again, spinning round in his wheel
What the hell just ran right over my heel?!
It can’t be a spider just close your eyes,
imagine your sunbathing on a sunny poolside
I don’t like the heat really – wait – losing focus
Just take your mind anywhere, (somewhere cold would be a bonus)
Getting up will not help, just quiet your mind,
Count backwards from 10 and see what you find
10 through to one, and still I’m awake,
Maybe I should get up and just bake a cake.

The kids start to stir, is it that time already?!
I beg of them “please, deal with me steady,
Mummy didn’t sleep well” I begin to explain
“What a night that was!”, The husband complains!