Terms and Conditions to being you.

Herein lie the terms and conditions which I {Insert name} agree to abide by.

Going forwards the term I, my or, similar pronoun will refer to the person named above and the term others, another, person, or similar pronoun, refers to any other human being sharing the earth.

1.I will value the currency of kindness over money.
2. My time is more valuable than my possessions.
3. I am the sole owner to the rights of my time.
3a. No one else has rights to my time or to dictate how I spend my time.
3b. No one has rights to an explanation for my time not being spent on them.
4. Another person’s opinion of me is none of my business.
5. I shall not pass judgement on another person’s actions if they do not directly affect me.
6. How someone treats me, is a reflection of them, not me.
7. I will trust actions over words, but know that words are powerful.
8. I will only engage in competitions with others in a healthy way.
9. I accept that my choices are my responsibility, and the subsequent consequences are for me to understand, learn from, enjoy or change accordingly.
10. I accept that if I do not understand a lesson, I may have to repeat it
11. I accept that change is guaranteed at any time with no warning and will learn to embrace this to the best of my ability.
12. I will allow myself time and space to grieve any situation that requires it, without putting a time limit on this process.
13. I will not make permanent decisions, based on temporary feelings.
14. I accept that I am always a work in progress and endeavour to work hard to understand myself above all else.
15. I will express my emotions regularly, in a healthy way in order to allow them to flow freely, allowing me to think clearly.
16. I will learn from every situation – both positive and negative.
17. I understand happiness is not a goal, as emotional states cannot be sustained indefinitely, it is a motivational signpost towards contentment
18.My intuition is never wrong
19. I will speak kindly, tactfully and honestly, always
20. I understand there will be times when someone else’s needs exceed my own and, in these times, I will put their needs first
21. I will give without expecting
22. I will receive without forgetting
23. I will love without limits
23a. If love has been lacking/missing, unhealthy at any point in my life, I will patiently learn to love myself again.
24.I will learn to love in different ways to allow for many forms of relationships.
25. I will continue learning about myself and the interactions I have with others.
26. I will set clear boundaries for myself.
27. My happiness is solely my responsibility.
28. Another person’s happiness is their responsibility, not mine.
29. I will forgive, to allow myself to heal.
30. I will be patient with myself at times of healing